Home is where the Heart is. From there we live, sing and play our music. With love for life as our biggest inspiration. Like that we enjoy all kinds of music. Can be a sweet, small and intimate song. Can be a skankin’ reggae. Can be a melodramatic klezmer song, a steaming polka or an all dissolving mantra. We enjoy it all.


Here you can listen to some Baumwolle recordings.

Loving Heart

‘Loving Heart’ is an original Baumwolle song that arose in the deep love and connection with Naropa, our dear friend and Spiritual Artist. This is a live recording in the Sufi Tempel in Katwijk.

Se Ha Elohim

‘Se Ha Elohim’ is an old traditional Hebrew song that refers to Yeshua, or Jesus, as the Lamb of God. We could also read that as the Son of God. This is what John the Baptist called Yeshua when he first met him.

All the World is Green

‘All the World is Green’ is a wonderful classic song by Tom Waits. It was the first song Celina and Lennaert ever played together. Here you can hear the Bauwolle version played live in a small living room concert in Rotterdam.

Sri Ram Jay Ram

‘Sri Ram Jay Ram’ is an ancient Hindu mantra that Hanuman is always singing. Rama is one of the names that refer to God, Consciousness, or Love. The mystical principle that gives life to all and everything. It is the mantra that purifies the heart and bestows devotion to God.


Baumwolle: Celina & Lennaert are lovers. Together they have a wonderful 12-year-old son called Manu. Manu sometimes joins Baumwolle playing the electric Bas Guitar.


Plays multiple flutes, percussion, piano, and harmonium. And of course, she sings. After years of playing Latin percussion in Germany and the Netherlands, she now mainly uses her talent for making music as a member of Baumwolle and Savituriya: the mantra band connected to her Heart Master Naropa.

Savituriya: savituriya.nl

Naropa: naropa.eu

Celina is a professional conductor of two pop choirs in the immediate Rotterdam area.


Plays guitar, drums, and sings. He is a driven singer-songwriter and music producer. After years of playing in reggae, funk, and rock bands he now devotes his heart playing in Baumwolle and Savituriya; the mantra band connected to her Heart Master Naropa.

Lennaert is a professional visual artist, mainly exploring painting, drawing, and video. You can see some of his work here: lennaertkoorman.nl



The beautiful poems from Rumi, often do inspire our songwriting. His words are coming from someone who is madly in love with life and is always drunk on Love. Wow! Here’s a Rumi poem we’ve put on melody and love to sing. My Beloved Know that my beloved is hidden from everyone Know that she …



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