Baumwolle: Celina & Lennaert are lovers. Together they have a wonderful 12-year-old son called Manu. Manu sometimes joins Baumwolle playing the electric Bas Guitar.


Plays multiple flutes, percussion, piano, and harmonium. And of course, she sings. After years of playing Latin percussion in Germany and the Netherlands, she now mainly uses her talent for making music as a member of Baumwolle and Savituriya: the mantra band connected to her Heart Master Naropa.

Savituriya: savituriya.nl

Naropa: naropa.eu

Celina is a professional conductor of two pop choirs in the immediate Rotterdam area.


Plays guitar, drums, and sings. He is a driven singer-songwriter and music producer. After years of playing in reggae, funk, and rock bands he now devotes his heart playing in Baumwolle and Savituriya; the mantra band connected to her Heart Master Naropa.

Lennaert is a professional visual artist, mainly exploring painting, drawing, and video. You can see some of his work here: lennaertkoorman.nl